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The Wildscreen Panda Awards Photo Story Exhibit is Live!

This exhibition features incredible stories nominated for the Photo Story Award at Wildscreen Festival 2022.

These stories span four continents; South America, Australia, Africa and Europe, shining a spotlight on unique species and showcasing the dedication of the photographers, scientists and volunteers working on the frontlines to conserve nature. 

Photographs are powerful, they can transcend language and culture, tell stories, and raise awareness about key threats to our planet and biodiversity. 

Each of these photo stories tells an important story about our natural world. From humanity's increasing impact and pressures on the natural world, to the species at the forefront of the ecological, climate and biodiversity crisis and the commitment of communities fighting for them. 

View the Exhibit here.

Oct 13, 2022

International League of Conservation Photographers

A global community of conservation photographers and filmmakers working to share conservation stories and solutions through ethical visual storytelling
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